Meeting client expectations while managing digital agency expectations while meeting your own personal expectations can be a tough business. I think it’s important to recognize that success in every sense of the word is an elusive creature. Whether you’re starting out as a new digital agency owner, or you’re freelancing and managing multiple clients, I think it’s safe to say that this is a tough job. Regardless of this, we have to determine in every situation what success means to us personally. Making that distinction requires laser focus and the ability to manage a multitude of expectations.

How Do You Manage Agency Expectations

I’m going to ask you a serious question. Moreover, I am only going to let you choose from two possible answers.

As a business owner, how do you spend most of your workday?

  1. Putting out fires created by clients, your staff/coworkers, or just general everyday operations issues?
  2. Proactively and methodically working through your strategic To Do List?

You chose A didn’t you? It’s okay, I will not ask you to say it out loud. Instead, I’m going to show you some straightforward ways to manage your agency expectations to help allow you to get your business (and your sanity) on a positive and proactive path forward.

Take note, I said straightforward, not easy. Because it isn’t going to be easy. Though, those of us, entrepreneurs are no strangers to hard work. The key is working smarter not harder. Now let’s get started!

Getting Started With Managing Agency Expectations

The biggest hurdle and typically the longest to come to terms with before being able to move forward in a proactive way regarding running your business and your life is realizing that YOU ARE THE REASON that you aren’t achieving and maintaining your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals. That’s a big pill to swallow. Like, a cow sized pill and have you seen one of those? They’re enormous.

I know you have to go and get work done. SO. If you’re reading this I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve read about productivity, nor will it be your last, but I’m going to share with you my top three strategies for getting and maintaining your ish together.

Top 3 Ways To Help Manage Digital Agency Expectations

Set A Goal

If you’re not used to making them, there’s plenty of books on how to make a goal. But the most important part is to implement strategies every single day that will get you closer to that goal.

Take Away :: MAKE A LIST
Recourse :: The Slight Edge (book) – no this is not an affiliate link it’s just an awesome book


As an entrepreneur we have two major things in common. To begin with, we are constantly in charge and at the helm of absolutely everything in our business. Raise your hand if you read ‘control freak’ in-between those lines. Secondly, what we have in common is that we love to learn new things. The interesting thing about both of these points is that they can either be the bane of your existence or you can manage them to be productive for you. The best way I have found to manage myself and my expectations of my business with these two borderline obnoxious traits is that I OUTSOURCE work that someone else is capable of doing.

Take Away :: Outsource what other people can do and what is not your strength
Resource :

Plan Your Day

The biggest thing that has moved me from putting out fires all day and being at the beck-and-call of my email is to make a list. Sounds simple, right? I struggled with this area the most.

I have a master document list that outlines all the open projects I have and the large stroke needs to complete it. Then I have a smaller daily list that outlines the most-important-cannot-wait-to-get-done tasks for each day. No more than 3 of those tasks in any given day.

I only check email once a day and I respond to emails 4 times a week- to manage this, I utilize an auto-responder on my email that sends an email telling senders of the days and times I respond to email. This was THE HARDEST thing for me. But guess what- nothing breaks. Nothing. People who need me, call me. As for the rest  just wait. It is glorious.

Take Away :: Without your schedule you will not meet your goals.
Resource :: The 4 Hour Work Week (book) – no, this is not an affiliate link it’s just an awesome book


I hope this list helps you when managing your digital agency expectations take control of your day and meet your goals. There are many options for spending our time. It is, above all, important that we choose the one that will help us meet our goals. Example: You can choose to implement a strategy to meet your goals. OR. You can spend the better part of your workday on Facebook. The choice is yours.

What strategies do you use to manage your expectations of yourself and your life?