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Are you thinking about revamping your business’s website homepage? Whether you’re the owner, manager, or just that lucky person who has been chosen to head up this project, this guide to having a client-focused website homepage is for you. Your client’s perception of your website homepage is what will encourage them to click through and experience your site. To be successful you have no choice but to consider your website from your potential customers or clients view. You must have an online presence. Ask yourself these questions:

“What message do I want to convey to my clients?”

“What makes my business unique?”

“What are my current and potential clients looking for?”

Top 5 Elements Your Website Homepage Needs to be Successful

There are 5 elements that your website homepage needs in order to be successful and relevant to your client base. Don’t get caught in the pitfall of forgetting that your client base is reading your website from a position outside of your industry. Meaning they are unfamiliar with the day-to-day lingo. Ensure that your website’s information is easy-to-understand so they feel that they are receiving value.

#1: Make the Site’s Purpose Clear: Explain Who You Are and What You Do

It’s prudent to keep in mind that you are marketing yourself to current and potential clients. This is your chance to explain and show your potential clients that your buesiness is the right choice for their needs. Rather keep your word count low; 100-250 words. You will have other pages to be long winded, the home page is not that place.

#2: Clear and Easy to Understand Navigation

Navigation is where you can begin the conversation by providing more information about your business and your services. Keep the navigation clean, concise, and simple. Your navigation is not the place to get creative. Websites, though very different from each other, all abide by a few unspoken rules.

These include:

Home page link on the top or far left (depending on the navigation’s orientation)

Include an about page, a services page, and a contact page at the bottom or far right (depending on navigation orientation)

#3: Contact Information

It is imperative that all of your current and potential clients know where you are located and how to get in touch with you. We live in the age of smart phones and GPS. Having an easy-to-find address and link for directions with Google Maps will ensure your clients don’t experience frustration with finding you before their appointment.

#4: Images Accurately Portraying You & Your Business

The most time-consuming part of creating an online presence is choosing the images that best show your services, staff, and business. Since people are able to pick a stock photo from a mile away. Show you’ve invested in your image by having professional pictures taken. Therefore extending a feeling of respect for the client’s attention and time.

#5: Networking

Your website homepage should have a link to all of your social media outlets. Such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+. All of your social media pages should also be linking back to your website homepage. If you’re offering a newsletter, this is a great place to have an email sign up box. Furthermore it should be explained what they are signing up for, that you take their privacy seriously, and will never sell their contact information.   If you can keep these Top 5 Elements Your Website Homepage needs in mind when you’re having your business’s website homepage built, or if you’re redecorating your current site. As a result, you will be one big step ahead of your competition.

Rather Not Read? Listen to this blog on SoundCloud